Loving You TV Series Box Set (5discs/region3)
Eugene, Park Yong-Ha, Lee Yu-Ri
Starring Eugene (Save the Last Dance for Me) and Park Yong-Ha (Winter Sonata). Beautiful love story.
Kung Fu Hustle Special Package Limited Edition with Stephen Chow Autograph (region3)
Stephen Chow, Huang Sheng Yi, Leung Siu Lung
Stephen Chow's own autographed version with limited package. Get it now before it's too late.
Shouting Love in the Centre of the World Limited Edition (2discs/region3)
Takao Osawa, Kou Shibasaki, Tsutomu Yamazaki
Over 10 million audience hit 2004 classical romance with beautiful English subtitles. Limited edition contains original novel as well.
Bae Yong-Joon Photo Album - THE IMAGE VOL.ONE
Bae Yong-Joon
BYJ's first photo book that has sold less than 100,000 copies during its initial release in Japan alone. This luxurious collector's gift set exposes BYJ's masculine features in different styles. It is strictly limited to 15,000 copies worldwide.
Casshern Ultimate Edition (Japan Version) (3discs/region2)
Yusuke Iseya, Kumiko Aso, Akira Terao
Fashion photographer and music video director Kiriya Kazuaki's first feature film which is set in a stunning retro-futuristic world.
Silmido Limited Edition (3discs/region3)
Ahn Seong-Gi, Seol Kyung-Gu, Heo Jun-Ho
The winner of 2004 Blue Dragon Awards's best picture, best director and best supporting actor in Korea.
Fighter in the Wind Limited Edition (3discs/region3)
Yang Dong-Geun, Masaya Kato, Aya Hirayama
Superb uniform limited package with photobook, original poster and 3 discs DTS supplements.
Troy Limited Edition (2discs/region3)
Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom
2 discs and all color photobook contains high quality images. Also a nice wooden box tempts collectors.
M TV Series Box Set (US Version) (4discs)
Shim Eun-Ha, Lee Chang-Hun, Kim Ji-Soo(b)
With 50% viewership, this Korean TV series was a sensational hit and made Shim Eun-ha a big star.
Damo TV Series Box Set Limited Edition (US Version) (7discs)
Ha Ji-Won, Lee Seo-Jin, Lee Mun-Sik
Taking place in Korea during the 17th century, Damo sets a new standard with breathtaking cinematography, dazzling special effects, and mystical martial art scenes.
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