Choi Ji-Woo

Also Known As: Choi Ji-wu
Born Name:Choi Mi-Hyang
Date of birth:June 11, 1975
Agency:C,JW Company
Country:Paju, South Korea

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Nowhere to Hide
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About Choi Ji-Woo
Bloodtype : RH+A
Family : Parents and one brother
Nickname : Rabbit
School : Busan Suyeong elementary - Suyeong middle - Deokmun high - Busan women's college major in dance
Debut : 1994 MBC
Religion : Christian
Fashion : Convenient casual


Broadcast: [One Roof Three Families] [War and Love] [First Love] [Love] [Yu Jeong] [Message] [Truth] [New Guigongja] [Beautiful Days] [Winter Sonata]

Theatre: [To Be or Not to Be]

Cinema: [The Adventure of Mrs. Park] [Hallellujah] [Snare] [First Kiss] [Nowhere to Hide] [Piano Playing President]

Fan Letter : Hanseong B/D 88 Samseong-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul Korea
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