Windstruck Soundtrack (2CD)
내 여자친구를 소개합니다

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Also Known As:I Got You Babe, 여친소, 僕の彼女を紹介します
Director:Gwak Jae-Yong
Country of Origin:South Korea, Hong Kong
Genre:Romance, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Action
Release Date:Jun 08, 2004
Publisher:T Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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CD. 1
01. [여.친.소 Ost] 재희의 테마
02. Knockin Heaven`S Door (Orchestra Ver.)
03. 명우의 수난
04. 옷 바꿔입기 (Stay Pizzicato Ver.)
05. 일하자 (Erik Satie)
06. 까페에서
07. Stay (Mauric Williams And Zodiacs)
08. 오프로드 (Stay String Vers.)
09. 다섯 번째 청혼자 (Stay 가야금 Ver.)
10. 새끼 손가락의 전설
11. 강물속으로
12. 거기 어디야?
13. Bk Love (Mc Sniper(엠씨 스나이퍼))
14. Tears (X Japan)
15. 애드벌룬 - 그의 손
16. 종이비행기
17. 재회의 테마 (Fast Ver.)

CD. 2
01. [+유미(Youme)] 바람이라도 좋아
02. Knockin Heaven`S Door
03. 시계를 돌리면
04. Wind Of Soul (I Will Stay For You)
05. Going Back To The... (Piano Version)
About Windstruck
The romantic comedy that pairs a spunky policewoman with a sweet teacher stars Jun Ji-hyun, the actress from the hit comedy "Yopgijogin Kunyo (My Sassy Girl)."