Kim Ha-Neul

Date of birth:February 21, 1978
Country:Seoul, South Korea

About Kim Ha-Neul
Bloodtype: RH+ B
Constellation: Pisces
Family: Parents and younger brother
Debuted in 1996 as an exclusive model for the fashion brand, Storm

Happy Together (SBS, 1999)
Into the Sunlight (MBC, 1999)
Secret (MBC, 2000)
Piano (SBS, 2001)
Romance (MBC, 2002)
Stained Glass (SBS, 2004)
90 Days, Time to Love (MBC, 2006)
On Air (SBS, 2008)
Paradise (Undecided)
Road No. 1 (2010)

Bye June (1998)
Dr. K (1999)
Ditto (2000)
My Tutor Friend (2003)
Ice Rain (2004)
Too Beautiful to Lie (2004)
Dead Friend (2004)
Almost Love (2006)
Lovers of Six Years (2008)
My Girlfriend is an Agent (2009)
Paradise (2009)

SBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award for drama, On Air (2008)
SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (2008)
29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Most Popular Actress for movie, Lovers of Six Years (2008)
Koreas Fashion & Design Award – Best Dressed (2008)
Korean Drama Festival – Best Actress Award for drama, On Air (2008)
40th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress for movie, Too Beautiful to Lie(2004)
39th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress for movie, My Tutor Friend (2003)
20th Koreas Best Dressed (2003)
MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress for drama, Romance (2002)
SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress for drama, Piano (2001)
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