Youth Comic Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Almost Love
Director:Lee Han(a)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Release Date:Mar 27, 2006
Publisher:Pony Canyon
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 Prologue
02 Youth Bossa
03 넌 어디로(Pizzicato)
04 낙서 1
05 낙서 2 (연탄곡)
06 보리수 1
07 떠나가지마
08 넌 어디로 (휘파람버젼)
09 옥탑의 늦은 밤
10 Drive In
11 준비
12 Racing
13 보리수 2
14 지환의 겨울
15 세상에서 가장 긴 연애편지
16 우산 같은 사람
17 해후
18 넌 어디로(Vocal : Hockee (하키))
About Youth Comic
The story revolves around the 13-year friendship and love between two childhood friends Ji Hwan, an action star in the making, and Da Rae, an aspiring actress.

The focus of much talk was not least on the unexpectedly adorable "mushroom" hairstyle Kwon sports in the movie which is, on closer examination, faintly reminiscent of Jackie Chan kungfu movies.

The second collaboration between the two after their hugely popular "My Tutor Friend" of 3 years ago.
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