Virgin Snow Soundtrack

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Product Information
Also Known As:初雪の戀
Director:Han Sang-Hee
Country of Origin:Japan, South Korea
Release Date:Nov 06, 2007
Publisher:Mnet Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Product Details
1. Virgin Snow
2. Prologue
3. 첫만남 (Walking In Temple)
4. 첫눈 (Title)
5. Bicycle (Violin Version)
6. Bicycle (Guitar Version)
7. Montage Of Nanae
8. Sword Fighting
9. 집에 가는길 (Looking For Nanae)
10. 아메 비 (Ame-Bi-Rain) - with Dialogue
11. 땡ㅤㄸㅒㅇ이 (Skipping Class)
12. Guiding - 신우리
13. 사랑 몽타주 (Love Montage)
14. 약속 (YakuSoku)
16. Love Theme (with Dialogue)
17. 2년후... (After 2 Years)
18. 회상 (Recollection)
19. Nanta
20. 재회 (They Are There)
21. Rain In My Heart (Japanese Version) - 장연주
22. 나나에의 그림 (Nanae's Painting)
23. 메모리노트 (Memory Note)
24. Run To You
25. 기다려 준 만큼 (As Long As You Wait) - with Dialogue
26. Rain In My Heart (English Version) - 장연주
27. Virgin Snow (Japanese Version) - The One
About Virgin Snow
Min moves to Japan following his professor father. One day at a local shrine, he meets a beautiful Japanese girl with innocent eyes. Her name is Nanae, and she is an aspiring painter. Min falls for her at first sight, and soon learns that Nanae attends the same school to which Min has just transferred. They become friends, and despite the culture and language barriers it is an intense friendship. When his grandmother suddenly falls ill, Min hastily returns to Korea but can’t get in touch with Nanae beforehand. After his grandmother regains her health, he hurries back to Japan to reunite with Nanae, but she is nowhere to be found. Had his true feelings for Nanae not been apparent to her? Why has Nanae disappeared without a word?

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