The Story of the First King's Four Gods TV Series Soundtrack (CD+DVD)

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Also Known As:Taio Shijinki, Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, The Legend, Wang Credited 4 Gods
Director:Kim Jong-Hak, Yun Sang-Ho
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, History, Action
Release Date:Oct 17, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea

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16 pages booklet includes

1. Opening
2. 성전
3. Damdeok's Theme (Main Theme)
4. 수지니의 테마 (외로움)
5. 기하의 테마 (운명적인 만남)
6. 운명
7. 화천회
8. 신들의 전쟁
9. Damdeok's Theme (용맹)
10. 거믈촌
11. 적군의 공격
12. 단결
13. 승리
14. 허락
15. 세월은 흐르고
16. 이루어지지 않는 사랑
17. 첫사랑
18. 수지니의 테마 (Piano Solo)
19. One Thousand Years Song - TohoShinki

1. One Thousand Years Song - TohoShinki (Drama Music Video)
2. Damdeok's Theme (Drama Music Video)
About Story of the First King's Four Gods TV Series, The
Broadcast: Sep 3, 2007 ~ Dec 6, 2007
Total Episodes: 24

This drama portrays the life of the 19th king of Goguryeo. Jumong, the founder of Goguryeo, establish Goguryeo with his Four Gods: Cheong-ryong (Blue Dragon), Baek-ho (White Tiger), Joo-jak (Phoenix), Hyeon-mu (symbolized as a turtle). The Japanese may know them as Seiryuu, Byakko, Suzaku, and Genbu. Jumong marries Soseono, who had a big part in the founding of Goguryeo. They have two sons, Onjo and Biryu. When the son of Jumong’s first wife came to Goguryeo in search of his father, and is named Crown Prince, Soseono takes her sons, Onjo and Biryu, South and establishs Baekje. This is how Baekje and Goguryeo were known as “brother countries”.

As time passed, the Four Gods secluded themselves from society and watched as Baekje and Goguryeo’s relationship worsened (worsened more mainly because Goguryeo’s king was killed in a battle between Baekje and Goguryeo).

One day, Ju-ahn, “Hyeon-mu” of the Four Gods, sees two stars sour up into the sky. Since one came from the palace in Baekje, it predicted the birth of “Su”, later known as King Ah-shin. The other star came from Goguryeo, prophesizing the birth of Dam-deok, later known as Gwang Gae Toh Dae Wang.

Realizing that his new master has come to the world, Ju-ahn awaits in the vast Manchuria with a young girl, Sujini, to see which of the two will be his master. Sujini was picked up as an orphan by Ju-ahn and considers Ju-ahn as her father.

Therefore, the story is on the Four Gods looking for their master, Gwang Gae Toh Dae Wang, who was an expert in tactics, the woman he loved (Sujini), who was also loved by the coldhearted King Ah-shin.

Who was Damdeok (Gwang Gae Toh Dae Wang)? He was the 19th king of Goguryeo (lasted from 37 B.C. to 668 A.D.). During the time of Damdeok, Goguryeo was the most powerful nation in East Asia (yes, even the Chinese dynasty couldn't defeat Goguryeo). At age 11, he was made the Crown Prince and became King when he was 16. In 396, he attacked Baekje (a nation Southwest of Goguryeo) and took over the northern area above the Han River. He defeated the many invasions made by the Yeon Dynasty (China) after 400 A.D. During his reign, the number of castles he took over numbered in the hundreds and villages numbered in the thousands. However, he died at an untimely age of 39.

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