One Fine Day TV Series Soundtrack

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Director:Shin Hyeon-Chang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jun 15, 2006
Publisher:Seoul Records
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 우리 사랑하지만
2. One Fine Day 1 (Instrumental)
3. 그대만 있다면 (Drama Version)
4. 눈물이겠죠
5. One Fine Day 2 (Instrumental)
6. 이유
7. 세상에서 제일 큰 어항 (Instrumental)
8. 사랑해...사랑할 수 없을만큼
9. 선인장
10. 세상에서 제일 작은 바다 (Instrumental)
11. True Love (Instrumental)
12. 그대만 있다면 (Drama Version) MR (Instrumental)
13. 눈물이겠죠 (Instrument)
14. One Fine day 3 (Instrumental)
About One Fine Day TV Series
Broadcast: May 31, 2006 ~ July 20, 2006
Episodes: 16

'One Fine Day' is a drama about a girl who works at an aquarium as an aquarist, that reunites with her brother from whom she's been separated for 15 years. Different from other dramas, this one was shot in Australia, giving the viewers many beautiful new locations to look at. As it introduces a new kind of occupation, called an aquarist, it uses many different kinds of underwater filming techniques. These new techniques use a HD camera, which captivates the viewers with great pictures.

'As common as the grains of sand on a sandy beach, as common as the lyrics of a love song we are about to add on another love story to this common theme.'This drama is a love story.You might say 'Another love story?' Yes it is another love story.The drama might turn out to be another typical and ordinary love story and you might wonder why we even bother to tell another love story... the reason is because love stories are still the interesting stories and there hasn't been a true love story that's been told. People still have a great interest in love stories.In this drama each character holds a problem with his or her heart (love). A guy who thinks that he never had a heart from the beginning and a girl who thinks that this very man is her heart and another guy who, after losing the one he loved, thinks that he doesn't have a heart anymore, and a girl who looks weak but has the most powerful heart out of them all, which helps make everyone's heart beat again. The story of this girl is the main subject of the drama.These four characters...Face such serious and cruel trials and tribulations that they make them want to die waiting for their resolutions.Therefore there might even be some who say that these characters shouldn't even have started up their love in the first place.But while this drama is in process our one wish and hope is that all the viewers while watching the characters fight against fate, cheer for them in the hope that they attain their love and that fate might just pass them by. Our last hope is that by watching this drama the viewers come to think that if they were in the characters shoes they would endure all the pain and hardships needed to attain their love.And so by the time the drama ends we hope that the viewers thirst, interests and expectations about love are all filled.