Rain - Full House - Photo Book

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Director:Pyo Min-Su
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Jun 11, 2005
Product Made In:Hong Kong
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Simplified Chinese Version
184 pages
Publisher / ISBN: Chang Chun Dian Ying / 7883624989
About Full House TV Series
Broadcast: July 14, 2004 ~ September 2, 2004
Total 16 episodes

Song Hye-kyo unfolds her charms again!
The captivating romance between a lovely everyday girl and a pampered movie star whose lives intertwine through fate promises to keep you glued to your seat until the end of this wonderful Korean TV treat.

Through a tricky scheme by her so-called friends Ji-eun loses the ownership rights to her beloved Full House, a luxurious mansion that used to belong to her parents when they were still alive. The new owner of the estate, Yeung Jae (Rain), is Asia's most hailed film star, and always behaves as if he was the ruler of the entire world, while while treating others in his habitual straightforward manner. Desperate to get back what rightly belongs to her, Ji-eun uses all her womanly appeal to bring about an advantageous marriage with the over-confident entertainment artist...

Based on the Korean comic strip of the same name, Full House earned an average viewing rate of 31.9%, and its final episode even attracted 40.2% of all viewers! Song Hye-kyo won the hearts of TV lovers through her skilled performances in popular TV series hits including All In, Hotelier, and Autumn in My Heart , while Rain (a.k.a. Bi) is also famous as a pop singer. The all-round star (whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon) possesses a dynamic, mellow voice and is known for his down-to-earth and modest behaviour. Director Pyo Min-su was not able to land a potential TV series hit with his earlier, more artistically-inclined works that include Lie, Foolish, and Solitude, but he created a real winner with this touching romantic tale. Written by Min Hyo-jeong, who was also responsible for the script of Rooftop Room Cat.