Royal Cuisine - Jewel in the Palace vol.3

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Also Known As:Daejangkeum, Dae Jang Geum, Jewel in the Palace, Great Jang Geum, Taejanggum
Director:Lee Byung-Hoon(a)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Traditional, Drama
Subtitles:English, Chinese, Malay
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Release Date:Aug 01, 2005
Product Made In:Malaysia
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
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Region Code: All, NTSC
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The famous Korean drama "Jewel in the Palace" has brought a great impact to the world owing to its touching stories, splendid acting from the actors, as well as striking the audiences' interest towards the Korean culture and the imperial cuisine. Jang-geum (Lee Young Ae) and Hang Sang-gong (Yang Mi Kyung) has introduced lots of delicious dishes in this popular drama. The imperial cuisine consists of steamed dishes, soup, kimchi, and many more. It's an absolute mouth-watering programme keeping audiences enthralled while watching it. Stay tuned with Yang Mi Kyung and the Korean's cuisine expert, Mrs. Lee Jong Im in these 4 episodes of "Royal Cuisine - Jewel in the Palace" to reviews the various dishes in "Jewel in the Palace" and also, the NG features. Watch out for the demonstration of cooking methods of the imperial cuisine, feel the experience of being a Sang-gong!

DOMI-MYEON This is one of the most splendid palace cooking. Chinese vermicelli is to be put in this food. The red bream which is filleted will be fried. It isn't oily and tasty. Every lunar year on April the red bream produces roe and turning fat due to they have eaten lot's of octopus and prawns. The red bream which colour are reddish and the ones which have 3-4 blue green dot are fresh.

DAENAMU-PAB This food was cooked at the time of Sinmije after Janggeum lost her ability of taste if bamboo is boiled, water comes out from it. This water is called Jukwhang makes fever lower, and good for a paralyzed person. If we put rice into bamboo tube and cooked, Jukwhang is absorbed into rice. The immune system in our body will become effective.

JUKSUNCHE If you remember words which Janggeum told, "That is persimmon", you know that the food in which that persimmon was put is called the JUKSUNCHE. Its main ingredient is the bamboo shoot. The bamboo shot cleanse the blood of body, prevent insomnia, constipation, and reduce stress. If it is kept in water long time, the taste isnít nice. So if you wish to use it later, just boil it and keep it in freezer.
About Daejanggeum TV Series
Broadcast: September 15, 2003 ~ March 30, 2004
Episodes: 56

Starring lead actress Lee Young-ae ("JSA", "One Fine Spring Day"), MBC's blockbuster TV series "Dae Jang Geum" has achieved exceptional TV viewership of 50% in South Korea.
Based on the true story of "Jang Geum", the first female personal doctor of the emperor in the 16th century's Korea, this historical drama features delicate recipes of royal cuisine, details of the traditional wisdom of herbalism and Korean medicine. Audience will also be thrilled by the well-written plot of this drama that describes a female like Jang Geum who succeeded in being the best chef of the imperial court and the king's personal doctor in an era when the belief of male chauvinism ruled.

Seo Jang-Geum (Lee Young-Ae) She is a beautiful and intelligent girl with a positive attitude. She's haunted by many series of trouble and difficulties yet she overcomes them with the iron-strong will. One day a rebellion breaks out and this brings her separation from her father and even her mother's death. She enters the royal palace at the age of ten and she puts her heart and soul, finally becoming the best royal cook of her times. One day she falls into a conspiracy and is kicked out from the palace thus become a maidservant. But she doesn't stop here. She studies medicines and re-enters the palace, ultimately becoming the supreme royal physician and also becoming the first woman physician in history to serve the king.

Min Jung-Ho (Ji Jin-Hee) While he was working at a city hall, he encounters Jang-Geum during a dangerous mission and was wounded. She save him and accidentally left her precious knife behind. He's an outstanding scholar who combines both learning and the martial arts. He is a learned man with both good looks and high intelligence. Admiring Jang-Geum's wisdom and passion for learning, he helps her in many ways and falls in love with her. But his love for Jang-Geum puts him in serious troubles where he even risks his own life.

Choi Geum-Young (Hong Ri-Na) She enters the royal palace earlier than Jang-Geum and becomes her long-time rival. She is an arrogant girl burning with ambitions. Despite the disparity in social standing, ever since she was little, she has loved Jung-Ho but her love is never returned. She competes with Jang-Geum to become the best royal cook.

King Joong-Jong(Im Ho) He is the 11th king of Chosun Dynasty. He is a very gentle man but extremely irresolute and indecisive. He tries to reform the political system and meets Jang-Geum. He cherishes her warm-hearted nature and many talents. He later loves Jang-Geum not as his physician but as a woman.

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