Bodyguard TV Series Soundtrack

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Director:Jeon Gi-Sang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Release Date:Jul 24, 2003
Publisher:Seoul Records
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 Cool하게 [Latin] (Slam)
02 사랑은 아름답죠 ^^ (명인희)
03 그날 이후로... (이민영)
04 사랑한다고 말했잖아요 (김효진)
05 You`Re My Hero (De Warp)
06 쿨~하게! [Club Mix] (Feat.Maya/ Rap Turtleman & Z.E/ Remix Jm Music)
07 It`S In The Bag (Melrose)
08 Tonight...날려버려~ (Slam)
09 그대만 바라보면 (이민영)
10 Cool하게! [Rock] (De Warp)
11 쿨~하게! [Latin] (Feat.Shimshin)
12 Hi-Five!!! (Slam)
13 La Fuerza De La Gravedad (Javier Rios)
14 Cool하게! [House] (Slam)
15 Enamorate De Mi (Javier Rios)
16 사랑은 아름답죠 [Instrumnetal] (이성열)
17 쿨~하게! [Instrumental] (T.S.T)
18 Spanish Fly B[Instrumental] (Manos Vafeladis)

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