Tokyo Tower Soundtrack

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Product Information
Also Known As:ȫーҪȡ々 ȫ
Director:Joji Matsuoka, Hiroshi Nishitani
Country of Origin:Japan
Release Date:Sep 13, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

Product Details
1. Tokyo Tower
2. Chikuhou
3. March for Boku #1
4. Mom
5. To The Next Place
6. Tokyo Tower Theme
7. March for Boku #2
8. A Table
9. Degeneration
10. March for Boku #3
11. Rock Bottom
12. Lets Get Moving
13. My Only Son
14. Tokyo Drive
15. Two Hands
16. April Fools Snow
17. A Long Good Bye
18. La Strada per Due (The Road for Two)
19. Tokyo ni mo attanda –Epilogue for Okan

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