Seoul 1945 TV Series Soundtrack

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Director:Yun Chang-Beom, Yu Hyeon-Gi
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, History, War
Release Date:Mar 17, 2006
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 서울 1945
02 해경
03 개희의 노래(이소라)
04 기약
05 운현
06 끝이 아니길...(윤도현)
07 석경
08 조각달(장은아)
09 서울 1945 Again
10 Gira Con Me -조쉬 그로반-
11 시간을 넘어서
12 동우
13 그래도 사랑이 남아 (L. Woo)
14 추억
15 영원한 사랑 (고진영)
16 비(悲)
About Seoul 1945 TV Series
Broadcast: January 7, 2006 ~ September 10, 2006
Episodes: 71

A drama that takes place during the turbulent times in Korea. The story revolves around four young adults. Choi Woon-hyuk (Ryoo Soo-young) was initially born in a poor family. However because of his ambitions and hard work he goes to study in the Soviet Union and becomes a side man of a high figure. Moon Suk-kyung (Soh Yoo-jin), being the daughter of a landowner was born into a high class background. As for Kim Hae-kyung (Han Eun-jung) she was born into a family of tenant farmers that work on the land Suk-kyung's father owns. Lee Dong-woo (Kim Ho-jin) is an adopted son of President Lee Seung-man. See how these four ambitious lives cross in Seoul, 1945.