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Product Information
Also Known As:Detective
Director:Lee Myung-Se
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Action, History, Thriller, Drama, Martial
Subtitles:English, Korean
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, DTS
Release Date:Jan 12, 2006
Publisher:Enter One
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Case:Deluxe Case
Region Code: 3, NTSC
Single Side Dual Layer

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Product Details
Limited to 5000 qty Edition

Brand New Factory Sealed

Disc 1
- Feature with commentary by director and casts
- Feature with commentary by director and crew

Disc 2
- Making Film
- Viduals
- Interview with casts
- Interview with director and crew
- CG and DI
- Interview with musician
- Film Editing
- Music Video, Trailer, Canne Promotion, Teaser, TV Spot

Disc 3
- Making Duelist
- Addicted to Duelist
- Special Music Video

About Duelist
Thrilling action, political intrigue, and forbidden romance all light up the screen in this inventive detective story set during the Choson Dynasty! After a six year break from filmmaking, Lee Myung See, director of the seminal Korean action flick Nowhere to Hide, returns to the director's chair once more for the elegant swordsman film Duelist.

Based on a novel, this beautiful period film centers on a tomboyish detective by the name of Nam Sun (Ha Ji Won, from Love So Divine and Phone) who ends up being assigned to investigate a case revolving around some counterfeit coins. Going deep undercover in a variety of diverse disguises, Nam Sun quickly finds herself chasing after a notorious assassin named Sad Eyes (Kang Dong Won, from Too Beautiful to Lie and Romance of Their Own), who just may be involved in the crime she's investigating.

These two warriors from opposite ends of the law end up clashing time and time again, but with each passing encounter, they soon discover that they share a mutual respect and attraction for one another. Will a love affair bloom on the battlefield? While this is a high stakes game of cat and mouse for both of them, it seems that the hunter has clearly fallen for the prey. But is Sad Eyes somehow connected to the Minister of Defense's plan to take over the country? If so, Nam Sun has only one choice, but to fulfill her duty. With an appearance by long-time actor Ahn Sung Ki in a supporting role, Lee Myung See's Duelist is a stylish, visually stunning example of cinematic swordplay at its finest!

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