April Snow Soundtrack (CD+DVD)


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Also Known As:Going Out
Director:Heo Jin-Ho
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Romance, Drama
Release Date:Sep 06, 2005
Publisher:Pony Canyon
Product Made In:South Korea

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Featuring Clazziquai, S and Woo Sung-Min

01 The Road (Main Theme From 'April Snow')
02 (Ending Credit Song) .... Performed By 켺 (With ? ? 1)
03 April Snow
04 Love (Love Theme From 'April Snow')
05 ... Performed By Loveholic
06 Memory
07 ͺ (Opening Title)
09 (Main Theme Piano Solo)
11 , ãƵ. (With - 2)
12 Spring Comes.. (With ٴ ? 3)
14 " ƿ....
18 (ܬ) (With 츰  ɱ? ? 4)
19 , ׸ ̺
20 ׸
21 The Road (Trailer Ver.)
22 ʴ (From The Concert) --- Performed By Loveholic
23 Stepping Out (From The Concert) --- Performed By Clazziquai
24 April Snow (With - 5)
25 ... Performed By 켺
26 (Instrumental)
27 (Breath) --- Performed By S(Ÿ,,)

01 Music Essay / The Road
02 Special Trailer / April Snow
03 Super Live Concert / Clazziquai
04 Ost Main Theme Song / The Road Of Woo Sungmin
05 Ost Making Films / Cho Sungwoo In April Snow
06 Music Essay / April Snow
07 Musicians & Staff
About April Snow
The allure of forbidden love reigns supreme in the long-awaited motion picture, April Snow! Mega-popular actor Bae Yong Joon, star of the smash hit Korean drama Winter Sonata, headlines this highly anticipated romance directed by Heo Jin Ho, the man behind such acclaimed films as "One Fine Spring Day" and "Christmas in August".

Released in Korea and Japan simultaneously, the film centers on In Su (Bae Yong Joon) as he travels to Korea's east coast after discovering that his wife Su Jin (Im Sang Hyo) was critically injured in a car accident. To In Su's surprise, it seems that she was traveling with a man named Kyung Ho (Ryoo Seung Soo, from The President's Barber), and both of them now lie in the operating room as they undergo treatment for their injuries. While waiting for news of his wife's condition, In-Su meets the man's wife, Seo-Young (Son Ye Jin, from A Moment to Remember) and together, the two of them piece together the devastating truth: their spouses were carrying on an affair.