Feast of the Gods TV Series Soundtrack
신들의 만찬

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Also Known As:God's Dinner, Banquet of the Gods
Director:Lee Dong-Yun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:May 22, 2012
Publisher:Daepung Contents
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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잊었니 - 이승철 (3:12)
사랑하고 있는데 - 정하윤 (4:01)
그래서 달린다 - 김태우 (2:54)
사랑 소리 - 원더걸스(선예) (3:18)
신들의 만찬 (4:28)
Destiny (2:56)
Destiny - Waltz (3:42)
Secret (3:22)
Emotion (4:02)
Revenge (3:14)
Febula (3:32)
Food Fantasy (3:55)
Korean Cuisine (2:56)
Pleasure Of The Table (2:39)
Lovely (2:37)
Mild (2:48)
About Feast of the Gods TV Series
Broadcast: February 4, 2012 ~ May 20, 2012
Episodes: 32

A drama about Korean cuisine.

Set within the backdrop of a traditional royal cuisine restaurant named Arirang, “Feast of the Gods” depicts how two women grow as chefs through competitions with each other.

The drama tells a story about Joon Young, who inherits the brilliant cooking skills of her mother and embarks on a path of dazzling success.
Then there is In-joo who wishes to be like her mother and makes tremendous efforts to surpass her rival, Joon Young. The rivalry between the two women takes place at the Arirang, which is Korea's top authentic cuisine restaurant. The characters find individual happiness through the foods they cook and serve at the restaurant. And they create delightful and divine foods amidst the antagonism and reconciliation, all for the love of food. The sparks fly in the tension between the two women over who will eventually control the Arirang restaurant.