Korean Film Directors - Kang Woo-Suk
Kang Woo-Suk

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Release Date:May 22, 2008
Publisher:Seoul Selection
Product Made In:South Korea
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Pages: 147
Size: 212*158mm
ISBN: 9788991913424
Author: Oh Dong-jin

Written in English

KANG has consistently performed the background role of a man of power in Korean Film for the las ten years. He has made only 16 films as a director since his debut in 1988, but for the more than ten years since 1997, he has been in charge of investment, planning or production for a full 120 films. [...] In spite ofthis, the name of KANG Woo-suk remains sequestered from the overseas film world. [...] But his films have succeeded in capturing the rapidly changing Korean social and political situation of the las 20years in a distinctive style, specifically a style of popular speech through satire and humor. Looking at his films in sequence, one can grasp the twists and turns of the history of Korean capitalism.[...] This book is record of KANG's cinematic career over the past 20 years, and at the same time a document showing how Korean cinema possesses a fountain of diverse films and how considerable the potential of commercial film is.

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