Misaeng TV Series  (2014)

Also Known As: Incomplete Life
Starring: Im Si-Wan, Lee Sung-Min(c), Kang So-Ra
Director:Kim Won-Seok(b)
Genre:TV, Drama
Country:South Korea

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About Misaeng TV Series
Broadcast: 2014-10-17 ~ 2014-12-20
Episodes: 20

Jang Geu-Rae (Yim Si-wan) played the board game go since he was a child. Playing the game was everything to him, but he failed to become a professional go player. Now he is thrown out into the real world. By an acquaintance’s recommendation, Jang Geu-Rae is able to begin to work at One International as an intern. On his first day, Jang Geu-Rae meets his boss Oh Sang-Sik (Lee Seong-Min). Jang Geu-Rae struggles to adapt working at a company.

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