General's Son  (1990)
장군의 아들
Starring: Park Sang-Min(a), Lee Il-Jae, Bang Eun-Hee
Director:Im Kwon-Taek
Production:Taehung Pictures
Country:South Korea

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General's Son
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About General's Son
When he lost his mother, Kim Du-Han became an 8-year-old orphan. He came to join a violent gangster world around Wu Mi Kwan Theater in Jong Ro while he was begging for money and food. He is soon recognized in this world. Then it is known that he is general Kim Jwa-Jin's son by Shin Ma-Jeok, leader of student gangster. By the way as Japanese Yakuja extends their power to Jong Ro, Kim Du-Han protects Korean shop owners in that area and obtains confidence from them. At that time Kim Ki-Hwa, leader of Wu Mi Kwan region is caught and Kim Du-Han becomes a legitimate leader of Jong Ro gangster world.