Il Mare  (2000)

Also Known As: Siwolae, A Love Story
Starring: Lee Jeong-Jae, Jeon Ji-Hyeon
Director:Lee Hyun-Seung
Production:Uno Films
Country:South Korea

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About Il Mare
Il mare inspired Hollywood movie " Lake house "

A woman moves out of her beautiful seaside home named Il Mare. She leaves a letter in the mailbox, but somehow it is delivered back in time to Sang-Hyun, the previous owner of the house. Upon recieving the letter, Sang-Hyun, a gifted young architect, refused to believe that the writter lives two years in the future. Nonetheless the tow take up a written correspondence. The woman asks Sang-Hyun to recover a tape recorder which she lost in the subway station two years hence. As he arrives at the station, he sees a beautiful wom boarding the train, accidentally leaving her tape recorder behind ..... .
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I really love this movie   capri (April 13, 2001)
This has got to be one of the best movies I ever watched...   eternalboy (April 09, 2001)
romantic   southparkl (April 06, 2001)

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