Good Rain

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Product Information
Also Known As:, A Season of Good Rain
Director:Heo Jin-Ho
Country of Origin:South Korea
Language:English, Korean
Sound:DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Release Date:May 02, 2012
Publisher:KD Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Case:Blu-ray Case
Region Code: A, NTSC

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About Good Rain
Timely like the spring rain, so has he come back into my life... Dong-ha is a thirty-something Korean man on a business trip to Chengdu, China where his company is carrying out construction projects to rebuild the city after the earthquake of 2008. There, totally by chance, he meets an old friend from his school days in the U.S. May is originally from Chengdu, and she has come back here after graduation and now works as a tour guide. Dong-ha and May were perhaps more than friends and had feelings for each other then, but they parted ways before they had a chance to define or declare them. Now that they are thrown on each other's path again, however, they find that the old feelings remain and new ones are forming and that they resemble love.

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