Love Needs a Miracle TV Series Soundtrack
사랑은 기적이 필요해

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Also Known As:Miracle of Love
Director:Go Heung-Sik
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Release Date:Oct 13, 2005
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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하늘을 보고 온 여자
My Love - 이정
기차와 퀴즈
한번도 – 플라워
어차피 시작된 걸
꿈 이야기 (Instrument)
사랑은 – 상상밴드
다시 말하기
꿈 이야기 – 명인희
느린 혼잣말
혼자 있어도 – 권오경
꿈속을 헤엄치다
OH! My Happy Day – 단야
한번도 (Acoustic Version) - 플라워
About Love Needs a Miracle TV Series
Broadcast: October 5, 2005 ~ December 8, 2005
Episodes: 20

"Miracle of Love" is not a simple trendy drama but a stylish human success story that aims to realistically yet amusing illustrate the life of its heroin Cha Bong-Shim, who despite her tough surroundings, tries to find her ideal self by making courageous decisions rather than depending on a man for her life. In this regard, Cha Bong-Shim will become an icon of hope for every one who dreams of " the reversal of life" while representing all the woman who leading their lives in the 21st century.