The Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea TV Series Soundtrack
대한민국 변호사

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Also Known As:Korean Lawyer, Daehanminkuk Lawyer, South Korean Lawyers, Lawyers of Korea, Great ~ Han Min Gook Attorney
Director:Yun Jae-Min
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Comedy
Release Date:Jul 16, 2008
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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락(樂) 락(樂) - (main Title)
아름다운 여행
Love Shake
클라이막스 Ver.2
1,2,3 Ver.2
행복한 순간
애리의 꿈
이경의 하루
민국 세계
아름다운 세상
행복한 순간 Rock Ver.
About Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea TV Series, The
On Air: July 9, 2008 ~ September 4, 2008

Total 16 episodes

An actress Li Ae Ri (Han Eun Jung) and Multi-billion dollar investment of assets expert of the Han Min Gook (Lee Sung Jae) are a couple who are in the process of getting their divorce. Ae Ri demand a compensate from her husband. Byun Hyuk is the lawyer that represents Ae Ri in her divorce suit, while Woo Lee Kyung is the new lawyer to represents Min Gook. Though they don't have good impression with each other in the beginning, because they each represent other clients, Byun Hyuk and Lee Kyung resulting in falling for each other...