Woman of Fire 82

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Director:Kim Ki-Young
Country of Origin:South Korea
Subtitle:no available
Release Date:Jan 01, 1983
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1

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About Woman of Fire 82, The
Near around the poultry farm in the suburb of Seoul, Dong-Sik and Myeong-Ja are found as mangled bodies, and the police start investigation judging it as burglary and murder case. One day, Myeong-Ja begins to work in the poultry farm as kitchen maid for nothing. When a composer Dong-Sik gets familiar with Hye-Ok dreaming of singer, Myeong-Ja approach to him and gets pregnant. Dong-Sik's wife Jeong-Sun have Myeong-Ja remove the baby and Myeong-Ja poison Dong-Sik's son. Jeong-Sun too tries to poison Myeong-Ja but falls into a difficult situation. When Myeong-Ja's lover Hyeong-Cheol and Dong-Sik are fighting, Hyeong-Cheong gets wounded. While healing him, Myeong-Ja is raped. Thus, she kills Hyeong-Cheol and charges Dong-Sik with blame. Finally, Dong-Sik and Myeong-Ja take poison and Dong-Sik disguises it as burglary and murder case for the sake of his family.....
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