The Age of Success

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Director:Jang Sun-Woo
Country of Origin:South Korea
Subtitle:no available
Release Date:Jan 01, 1990
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1

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About Age of Success, The
The sales man Kim Pan-Chok of Yumi Company of Makkang Group is injured in the excessive sales competition with Kami Company. He maps out a good idea in the hospital, and then he is promoted as a member of the planning department owing to this idea. He uses the cafe madam Seong So-Bi in order to coax forth secret of the rival company. Consequently, he obtains a good position and fame. However, Kami Company produces a new product, which causes the occupation of the market for Kami Company. Pan-Chok makes effort to recover it, but he is ruined by the revenge of the madam. Therefore, he is demoted to the country. When his idea is rejected again, the angry Pan-Chok drives car too fast and dies of over-speeding in the end.

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Hanbando Script Book
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