One Plus One (2CD)
Kim Jang-Hun

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Product Information
Release Date:Aug 24, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Product Details
Disc. 1
1. 혼잣말
2. 지난겨울
3. 바보
4. 난 남자다
5. 마음의 계절
6. 너의 얘기를
7. 또 다른 나를 찾아..
8. 우리 기쁜날
9. 영화처럼
10. Elly, My Love
11. 그럴수만 있다면
12. 제발

Disc. 2
1. 바보(Club Version)
2. 난 남자다(Club Version)
3. 혼잣말(Piano Version)
4. 사노라면(Remix Version)
5. 오페라(Club Version)
6. 바보(Original Instrumental Version)
7. Music Video Of 바보
8. Music Video Of 난 남자다
9. Music Video Of 혼잣말
10. Self Camera...A Letter From Sydney...And Studio
11. A Souvenir at Security Area JSA

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