vol.3/ Made in Sea (CD+DVD Repackage)

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Product Information
Release Date:Mar 20, 2006
Publisher:CJ Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Deluxe Case

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Product Details
1. Intro
2. Find The Way
3. 우리 다시 (Diary)
4. V.I.P
5. Destiny
6. 사랑을 할거야 (Forever Love)
7. 내게로 (One Step Slower)
8. Beyond (Talesweaver O.S.T)
9. 곁에 있으니까 (Place Of Sun)
10. 이름 없는 별 (Like A Shining Star) (One Take Ver)
11. 이렇게 난 (Here I Am Waiting)
12. V.I.P Remix By East4A
13. Find The Way (Instrumental)

1. 쇼케이스 현장 스케치, Find The Way 뮤직비디오, Find The Way 뮤직비디오 제작 현장

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