The Quiet Family Soundtrack
조용한 가족

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Director:Kim Jee-Woon
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Thriller, Comedy
Release Date:Apr 24, 1998
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01. 체크 인
02. Tres Delinquentes
03. 안개산장
04. 애들은 모르지
05. 2층에 누가 있어!
06. 첫손님
07. Jump Into The Fire
08. 조용한 가족 테마 Part 1
09. Wild Saxophone
10. 조용한 가족 테마 Part 2
11. Ubangi Stomp
12. Noise
13. F.Schubert;Moments Musicaux No.3 In F Minor
14. Soul Deep
15. 가족
16. 창고에는 아무도 없다
17. 침입자Ler
18. 12시
19. Killer
20. So Alive
About Quiet Family, The
A family opens a mountain villa and is fully buoyed up preparing to welcome guests. As they become tired of waiting for guests, the first client knocks the door. The first guest becomes, however, a cold body. what's worse he doesn't have even a purse to check identity. Though they are suspicious on a son who is ex-convict, they try to pour oil on troubled water because they can't inquire him due to selfishness. The son is distrusted and protected at the same time without his knowledge. The second guests are, all of people, a couple who choose this villa to commit suicide together. The next day this couple willingly become bodies and makes the family greatly surprised. The family bury the couple,too, because they don't want to make a fuss. However as the man of the couple who committed suicide revives from death and he family came to kill him in their bewilderment, they came to get used to murder and burying. Their career discloses comic irony in a scene that the mother prepares good meals for the family who has just buried saying find job and in another scene that the son skillfully buries a body laughing at his uncle who is not good at burial.
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