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와일드 카드

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Director:Kim Yu-Jin
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Dec 06, 2003
Product Made In:South Korea

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Phamlet & Photos
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About Wild Card
Kim Yoo-Jin is not a prolific director, but those who remember his feminist courtroom drama Because You Are a Woman will be aware that he was an ambitious and accomplished filmmaker before many of the current "new wave" talents were out of college. Wild Card is a commercial movie, a police-procedural thriller, and it contains its share of stock characters and situations, not to mention some overly caricatured underworld types. But it's brought alive by Kim's vivid and engaging direction, which generates real suspense and excitement--and by an authentic star-making performance from rapper Yang Dong-Geun, who hasn't been too lucky in his earlier choices of film roles but here emerges as one of the best young leads in Korean cinema.

A woman is murdered by muggers in a Seoul subway station, the crime committed with an unidentifiable blunt instrument used to strike her head. Soon after, a man is similarly killed on the night streets. The police have no leads, and so they round up the usual suspects. Much arm-twisting (and worse) later, they have identikit drawings of four young men to aid their search for the killers. The trouble is, almost all young Korean men look like the drawings... Before they even come close to finding the Gang of Four, there are endless false leads to follow up, suspects to interrogate and useless stakeouts to doze through. And then, when the criminals are identified, there's the chase...
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