Shinee The 2nd Concert : Shinee World II In Seoul (2CD)

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Product Information
Genre:Dance, Concert
Release Date:Apr 03, 2014
Publisher:SM Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Deluxe Case

Product Details
Disc. 1
Save 4 The Last
Lucifer (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
.. (Amigo) (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
ٸ (Juliette) (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
The Shinee World (Doo-Bop) (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
Always Love (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
ʹ (Replay)
I Wont Give Up (Sung By )
߰ſ ȳ (Sung By )
Hair (Sung By Ű)
Judas (Sung By Ű)
Seesaw (Korean Ver.) (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
Sherlock.ȷ (Clue+Note)
(Love Like Oxygen) (Shinee World 2 Ver.)

Disc. 2
The Reason
Amazing Grace
(Y Si Fuera Ella)
Ready Or Not
Ring Ding Dong (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
To Your Heart
ߴ ̸ (The Name)
Stand By Me
𰡵 (Bodyguard) (Shinee World 2 Ver.)
Seesaw (Korean Ver.) (Studio Ver.) (Bonus Track)

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