The 7th Grade Civil Servant TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Level 7 Civil Servant, 7th Level Civil Servant
Director:Kim Sang-Hyeop
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Comedy, Suspense, Action
Release Date:Mar 06, 2013
Publisher:Curtain Call Media
Product Made In:South Korea
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너에게 가는 길 - 준호 (Feat. 택연)
꽃이 핀다 - 박지헌 (V.O.S)
I'll Be There For You - 레드애플 (한별)
A Stranger - Big Baby Driver
사랑할 줄 몰라서 - 애쉬그레이
말하지 그랬어 - 스피넬
어떡해 - 멜로디데이
I'll Be There For You (Korean Ver.) - 레드애플 (한별)
사랑할 줄 몰라서 - 주원
너에게 가는 길 (Inst.)
꽃이 핀다 (Inst.)
I'll Be There For You (Inst.)
A Stranger (Inst.)
사랑할 줄 몰라서 (Inst.)
말하지 그랬어 (Inst.)
어떡해 (Inst.)
The Secret Lover (Original Ver)
A Stranger (Guitar Ver.)
Racing Go Go
지금은 멀리 있지만
The Way To Love
About 7th Grade Civil Servant TV Series, The
Broadcast: January 23, 2013 ~ March 28, 2013
Episodes: 20

This drama is an adaptation of the 2009 movie ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent‘.

This drama is a romantic comedy about a spy couple who hides their true identity from each other and at the same time illustrates about the love, friendship and internal department conflicts between the new generation of national intelligence agents. In the drama, while hiding their true identities from each other, the couple fall in love with each other.

Han Gil Ro (Joo Won) is a man who always wanted to be a spy ever since he watched the 007 series when he was little. He is a kind, affluent and stylish man. He finally makes it into the National Intelligence Service, but is hit with many difficulties soon after. Meanwhile, Kim Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee) is an smart agent with brawn and looks but lacking in wealth. She’s works hard to support her family financially.