2PM - 6 Beautiful Days Concert 2012 in Japan

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Genre:MV, Concert, Dance
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Release Date:Dec 23, 2012
Publisher:ASP Entertainment
Product Made In:Thailand
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Case:Keep Case
Region Code: All, NTSC

Product Details
Idol group 2PM is broadening their horizons in Japan. The boys recently wrapped up their ¡®SIX BEAUTIFUL DAYS¡® concerts held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. Though there have been a number of Hallyu artists that have performed at the elite venue, 2PM was the first to perform for 6 days at once. All 60,000 seats for the shows had completely sold out, once again proving the boys¡¯ explosive popularity in the local area.

2PM officially debuted in Japan in December of 2010. Only a year later, the boys decided to embark on a Japanese Tour and tickets sold out within a single minute of going on sale.

At a press conference that was held on May 30th, member Taecyeon remarked, ¡°When I was a trainee, I heard Rain hyung had performed at the Budokan and I thought that it was pretty impressive. The fact that we stood for 6 days on the stage Rain was standing is pretty surreal.¡±

During their final May 31st performance, an exciting laser show was put on to go with the exciting dance music. The fans got up from their seats and danced freely as they waved their neon glow sticks in the air, turning the concert into a night club. As the boys tumbled on stage and put on sexy chair performances singing ¡°10 Points Out of 10¡°, ¡°Hands Up¡°, and more, the fans enthusiastically responded with wild cheers. The six members captivated the audience with their fluent Japanese, and evoked laughter with their hilarious facial expressions. Taecyeon who stepped on stage to perform despite having suffered an arm injury after an intense arm-wrestling match earned the applause of the fans.

For each of the 6 days, the members took turns putting on a solo performance with self-composed songs, piano playing, and more.

But what exactly is 2PM¡¯s appeal in Japan? It¡¯s thought to be the boys¡¯ approachable, friendly image combined with their ¡®beastly idol¡¯ concept. Member Wooyoung remarked, ¡°After we developed that ¡®beastly idol¡¯ nickname in Korea, very naturally we decided on an equally fierce concept in Japan, focusing on powerful performances. The fans showed us a lot of interest because it was something that was never seen before in Japan.¡±

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