Death Note - the Last Name (Limited Edition)
데스노트 - 라스트 네임

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Product Information
Director:Shusuke Kaneko
Country of Origin:Japan
Subtitles:Korean, Japanese
Sound:DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Dolby TrueHD 5.1
Release Date:Nov 16, 2012
Publisher:DS Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Case:Coffee Book
Region Code: A, NTSC

Product Details
Limited to 700 qty only

Special Features:
- Fujiwara Ryuya Message - 02:05
- Toda Erika Message - 01:40
- Trailer 1 - 00:59
- Trailer 2 - 02:03
About Death Note - the Last Name
Plot Summary: Shinigami own notebooks called “Death Notes” which are used as killing devices. Whoever’s name they write down in a death note will die within 40 seconds.

Shinigami Ryuk dropped his Death Note in the human world where it’s found by honor high school student Light. With the death note actually having directions in it for its use, Light discovers he now has the power to discreetly kill people, and with this new power he plans to change the world in his ideal world by killing off criminals.

Eventually the governments of the countries around the world notice the unusual amounts of deaths of their criminals, and figure out someone is behind them, but they have no way of discovering it themselves. That’s when they hire L, a master detective, to find out who is behind the murders.
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