Back to Heaven - Selected Poems of Chon Sang Pyong
Chon Sang Pyong

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Author: Chon Sang Pyong
Publisher: Dap Gae

Back to Heaven I'll go back to heaven again.Hand in hand with the dewThat melts at a touch of the dawning day,I'll go back to heaven again.With the dusk, together, just we two,at a sign from a cloud after playing on the slopesI'll go back to heaven again.At the end of my outing to this beautiful worldI'll go back and say: It was beautiful...By Chon Sang Pyong (1930-1993)Translated by Brother Anthony of Taize and Kim Young-mooWe feel shocked to read these poems that describe the world as beautiful, for we know how much the poet suffered while staying here. Maybe, it's only those who truly suffer that can make such an audacious but clear statement. I wonder how he's finding heaven. -- editor