Queen Jin's Handbook of Pregnancy
Fred Jeremy Seligson

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Author: Fred Jeremy Seligson
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Written by Fred Jeremy Seligson Tibetans believe that human beings can make their own decision either to come back to the world or get off the ever-turning wheel of reincarnation. According to their belief, escaping from the futile circle is far better than life on this earth. But if you can't resist desire to be born into the world again, you have to make the right choice. Thus, Tibetans seem to be interested in topics and objects related to divinity. Koreans, on the other hand, take a more realistic approach towards life matters. They believe 10 months of education during pregnancy is more important than 10 years of teaching after birth, for the child and the mother are connected body and soul. According to a Korean saying, a child's education begins one hundred days before conception. The book covers three major epochs of parenting. The first is preparing for conception. The second is nurturing the baby in the womb. And the third is finally giving birth. The author, a professor of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, tells many interesting stories about pregnancy on the basis of three decades of living and teaching in Asia and notably two pregnancies with his Korean wife. "Queen Jin" in the title of the book is revered for her publication "Embryonic Education" and her exemplary behavior while pregnant with sage-king Wen in the 12th century B.C.

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