Brother Enemy
Suh Ji-Moon

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Paperback: 235 pages.
Dimensions(in inches): 0.51*8.97*6.02
Author: Suh Ji - Moon
Publisher: WhitePinePress
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Edited and translated by Suh Ji-moon (Following is what the editor and translator Suh said about the book) One of the poets represented in this collection described Korea as a country whose 'only constant companion/ Has been calamity.' The Korean War was the greatest calamity to befall the country, rich as it was in calamities. It was the greatest not only on account of the size of casualties and damages, but because of the lasting psychological wound it inflicted. The war between the ideologically divided halves of the country created the peculiar paradox of the Korean War, which made the patriotic duty of killing an enemy an act at the same time of fratricide. This book, an anthology of poems written mostly during the war by people who fought in or were involved in the war, notes not only the horrors of the battleground and the sufferings and pains of soldiers and civilians, but also the sorrow of having to slaughter one's brethren to protect one's country and kin. These severely restrained poems evoke a sense of frail human beings rising to meet the tyrannies and cruelties of life with dignity and with humility.

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