The Young Lion Devils
Goo Bon-Hyung

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Paperback: 234 pages.
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Author: Goo Bon - Hyung
Publisher: Gimm-YoungPublishers,Inc.

Written by Goo Bon-hyung This book's aim is to give advice to young people to have free and independent lives. With its novel-like style, the book stresses that nothing is more important than a life full of self-confidence and freedom. Seven young people, who belong to the same hobby group, meet a fortuneteller and each of them receives a short oracle. Convinced that the oracles have some meaning in their lives, they make an agreement to study them for two weeks and get together to discuss what each finds out. Among them are Seung-hwan who is unemployed after studying business at a local college, Min-kyong who leaves for the United Kingdom to study English for one year, Me an elementary school teacher, Eun-soo an intern doctor, and Ji-yoon who has worked at a big business conglomerate for three years. Ji-yoon, for example, is told by the fortuneteller: "Don't become a herd of buffaloes heading toward a cliff. Don't forget the way Indians hunt buffaloes." The lesson she learned was "Build the foundation on solid ground. If the pillar does not collapse, neither will the house." The book shows how the characters realize that they have to be free agents. This is what the author thinks is the most ideal work situation. Goo worked for a multinational business for 20 years and is now self-employed to write books and deliver speeches about his own convictions. This book reads very easily and well like a real novel.