A Bite of China (Chinese Documentary) (3discs/PAL)

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Product Information
Genre:TV, Documentary
Subtitles:English, Chinese, Malay
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Release Date:Sep 26, 2012
Product Made In:Malaysia
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Case:Box Set
Region Code: All, PAL
No of CDs: 3 DVDs (Ep 1 - 7 End)
Model: 1SP.Bite

Rating for English subtitles: Good

Product Details
A Bite of China / ߾国 - Chinese Documentary DVD

Genre: Cuisine / Travel / Scenery / Geography

A Bite of China is a 2012 Chinese documentary television series directed by Xiao-qin Chen and narrated by Li-hong Lee. It first appeared at the China Central Television in May 14th, 2012, and quickly gained much popularity. Having started filming in March 2011, This seven-episode documentary series introduces the history and story behind delicious foods of various kinds in more than 60 locations all around China.

Through the many aspects of Chinese cuisine, we can explore how millions of people's lives have been influenced throughout the generations. This splendid documentary has captured the essence of the unique Chinese culture, history, rituals, geography and lifestyle through in-depth insight into the origins of Chinese food that fuelled the nation. Get up, close and personal with the Chinese people while given a rare glimpse of how simple ingredients make their way to our dining tables. A must have collector's item for all who love food!

1. Natures Gift
2. The Story of Staple Foods
3. The Inspiration of Transformation
4. The Taste of Time
5. Secrets of the Kitchen
6. Balancing the Five Tastes
7. Our Rural Heritage