Injeongmun Paper Model
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Product Made In:South Korea
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Weight: 380g
Size: 13Ąż12Ąż10 (cm)

Fun to create and a pleasure to appreciate - a magical world made of paper! This elaborate 3-D model is a miniature recreation of Injeongmun, the main gate of Injeongjeon located in Changdeok-gung, which has been designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Inside the gate guarded by dignified commanders is a small picture frame.
The model can be made without scissors or glue just as Korean traditional architecture was constructed without the use of nails. If you purchase the Injeongjeon model as well, you can complete the whole palace. With the help of the instructions, which are available in four languages, anyone over the age of 10 should be able to construct it easily. It normally takes about 40 minutes to complete.

Instructions in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, 16 drawings, 48 model components

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