Winter Woman Soundtrack (Music by Jeong Seong-Jo)

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Director:Kim Ho-Seon
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Mar 15, 2012
Publisher:Music Research
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Jewel Box

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눈물로 쓴 편지 (김세화)
겨울 노래 (김세화)
겨울 사랑A (경음악)
겨울 사랑B (김세화)
겨울 여자 (주제 A)
겨울 여자 (주제 B)
겨울 여자 (주제 C)
겨울 여자 (주제 D)
겨울 이야기 (이영식, 김세화)
오늘이면 (이숙)
겨울 여자 (주제 E)
겨울 여자 (주제 F)
겨울 여자 (주제 G)
겨울 여자 (주제 H)
About Winter Woman
On the graduation day of high school, I-Hwa meets Yeo-Seob brought up in a rich family and knows that he needs her. But Yo-Seob kills himself when I-Hwa refuses to be his lover. After this incident, I-Hwa makes up her mind to give herself to a man who really needs her. Wu Seok-Ki, a student reporter of her college newspaper, takes the lead in collecting data for the newspaper about unfair dealings. I-Hwa and he love each other. But he is killed by a car accident in the army. And I-Hwa consoles a frustrated teacher and makes him get back his stability. Then, she becomes a teacher in a school for feeble-minded to take good care of them.