Smile Again / Smile Dong Hae TV Series Box Set (Singapore Version) (16discs)
웃어라 동해야

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Product Information
Also Known As:Smile Again
Director:Hong Seong-Chang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Language:Korean, Mandarin
Subtitles:English, Chinese
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Release Date:Jan 20, 2012
Publisher:Poh Kim
Product Made In:Singapore
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Case:Box Set
Region Code: All, NTSC
No. of Disc: 16
Running Time: Approx. 9540 min (159 Episodes)

Rating for English subtitles: Good

Product Details
Special Features:
- Interactive Menus
- Scene Selections
About Smile Dong Hae TV Series
Broadcast: October 4, 2010 ~ May 13, 2011
Episodes: 159

Carl Laker, whose Korean name is Dong-hae, visits Korea with his mother to participate in the short track speed skating competition as a representative on the American team. Dong-hae mother Anna, who is a Korean-American adoptee,had an accident during a server storm and almost drowned at a yound age,which led her to have a mental age of nine. She fell in love with a Korean man name James whom was studying abroad in New York and fell in love with him, but he left promising to come back and never did without knowing that she was pregnant with Dong-hae. Dong-hae's trip to Korea is not just for the competition, but to see his girlfriend Sae-Wa whom he dated for 6 years and promised to marry.

However, what awaits him is the changed heart of Sae-wa. She tells him that she cannot be with him as long as he is with Anna.Later Sae-wa causes an accident which led to the end of Dong-hae carer. Meantime, Anna sees Dong-hae father by chance and does not want to leave. Dong-hae decides to stay in Korea and search for his father. He decides to find him and ask him the reason why he left them. And at the mist of all of this is Bon-gi an exspiering chef who wants to be the first female head chef.Bon-gi and her family takes Dong-hae and his mother Anna in, and treat them as family. Dong-hae later fall in love with Bon-gi, and pursues a career as a chef. But for Dong-hae, Anna, and Bon-gi lies a chanllenging path for their happiness, findind his father, and his roots.

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