Everlasting Empire
Yi In-hwa

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Paperback: 298 pages.
Dimensions(in inches): 0.80*5.75*8.75
Author: Yi In - hwa (Translated by Yu Young-nan)
Publisher: Eastbridge
Weight(g): 430g

Seoul Selection now carries Everlasting Empire (2002), Yu Young-nan's fine translation of Yeongwonhan Jegeuk by Yi In-hwa. The story begins in 1800, with the mysterious death of the Joseon court's Royal Book Examiner while working on secret project for the king. More than just an exciting mystery, Everlasting Empire offers readers a picture of late Joseon Korea so authentic that historians have been quoted as saying they've forgotten they're reading fiction. When the Korean original was first published in 1993, it became an instant bestseller, selling more than a million copies, and was later shot as a movie that won six of Korea's Grand Bell Awards. A French translation was published in 2000.