Tales from the Temples
Hwang You-jeong

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Paperback: 118 pages.
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Author: Hwang, You-jeong
Publisher: CommunicationsWow.
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Written by Hwang You-Jeong, Illustrations by Jeong Kyong-Sim, Translated by Brian BarryBuddhism was first introduced to Korea in the 4th century, just about two centuries before kingdoms were formed on the peninsula. Buddhism, therefore, has been in the minds of Koreans throughout most of their history. Because of this context, many Korean folklore tales are related directly or indirectly to the cultural elements of Buddhism. "Tales from the Temples" is a collection of interesting stories about 10 Buddhist temples across the country. The stories include a jilted temple builder and his method of revenge ("Revenge Under the Roof"), how a temple came to be built through an incarnation ("A Sock, a Flower and an Incarnation"), a long tale of travel and unrequited love ("Why the Woman Became a Dragon"), and a story of celestial stonemasons ("The Mysterious Valley of Buddhas and Pagodas"). The book also introduces the location of the 10 temples as well as a temple stay program.

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