Super Junior K.R.Y - Special Concert in Japan
Super Junior

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Super Junior¡®s Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung¡®s R&B unit group, Super Junior-K.R.Y successfully held their first solo concert in Japan.

¡®Super Junior K.R.Y Special Concert In Japan 2010¡® was held on the 1st in Tokyo, Japan. A total of approximately 10,000 Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fans filled the concert hall, proving just how popular the boys are.

Along with their diverse charms, as this was the unit group¡¯s first solo concert, they cheerful and charismatic performances. Unlike usual Super Junior concerts, they worked with live bands, being able to show off their singing even more.

The trio sang ¡®Dreaming Hero¡®, ¡®Steps to Stop¡®, ¡®Let¡¯s Not¡®, ¡®Coagulation¡®, along with other OSTs such as, ¡®Listen¡¦ To You¡®, ¡®It Has to Be You¡®, and ¡®Spring Day¡®. They met fans with a total of 20 songs throughout the concert.

As a way of getting closer to their Japanese fans, along with Japanese comments, they also had J-POP performances. Kyuhyun performed Chihiro Onitsuka¡®s ¡®Infection¡® and Ken Hirai¡®s ¡®Close Your Eyes¡®. Ryeowook sang Ayaka¡®s ¡®Mikazuki¡®, while Yesung performed Exile¡®s ¡®Unmei No Hito¡®.

Their group members Donghae and Sungmin also appeared as special guests, and performed Mr. Children¡®s ¡®Kurumi¡® as a duet. The two also performed with Super Junior-K.R.Y, singing ¡®What If¡® and ¡®Mirror¡®, presenting a beautiful harmony, upping the concert¡¯s charm another level.