Modern Korean Ink Painting

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Release Date:Jul 01, 2006
Product Made In:South Korea
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Author:Chung Hyung-min
Pub. Data:2006-07-01
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This book has attempted to define what the term "modern" has meant in Korean art, exploring its evolution over roughly a hundred years, between the opening of Korean ports to outside trade in 1876 down through the 1980s. The purpose of this book with the detailed explanations and pictures, is to further a general understanding of how Korean art and the times it represented were related. An analysis of how traditional aesthetics and painting styles evolved requires an examination of both external stimulation and inner necessities of those times. Such an understanding will also lead readers to a clearer definition of what the "modern" meant in Korean art. The contents are divided into three chapters; Dawn of the Modern Age (1876-1910s), The Modern Art Era in Korea (1920s-1940s), and Perpetuation of Nationalism (1950s-1980s). The author of this book, Chung Hyung-min, is professor of Art History at Seoul National University and the Director of the Seoul National University Museum of Art. She is currently the President of the Korea Society of Art Theories.