2NE1 Military Jacket

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Product Information
Release Date:Dec 02, 2010
Publisher:YG Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Safe Box

Product Details
Size: M / L (choose one when you checkout)

M: 60x39x50cm
L: 62x40x53cm

From 2NE1¡¯s ¡°CLAP YOUR HANDS¡± M/V!
2NE1¡¯s hot military jacket is finally available for purchase.
It is made into two sizes – M and L (for women).
Members of 2NE1 are already wearing the jacket for it is so warm and practical. Now meet 2NE1¡¯s style and quality as your jacket!

Rules for washing : When washing, please turn the shirt inside out in cold water. Do not boil. Do not use any type of bleach. Do not rub the print.

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