Acoustic Soundtrack

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Product Information
Director:You Sang-Hun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Drama, Music, Juvenile
Release Date:Nov 05, 2010
Publisher:WindMill Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

Product Details
* Acoustic Blues
* Out of Ward
* The Blue Sky (Major) song by 하레(김은희)
* The Shadow Seesaw
* GAIA (가이아) song by 상상소년
* The Blue Sky (Minor) song by 하레(김은희)
* Enzu
* Steppy Stuppy Queen
* 브로콜리의 위험한 고백 song by 신세경
* My Day
* Road Concert
* Guitar Trip
* Walking In Sunset
* High Fly song by 종현 & 민혁(씨엔블루)
* A Chance Meeting
* Return 2010
* The Raider
* 밀어서 잠금해제
* 젊은날의 랩소디
* L.O.V.E (Ballad ver.) song by 백진희
* L.O.V.E song by 2AM
About Acoustic
Groups of young musicians in Hong-dae are spreading. While starving because of music, the hope to live off of music can change in a second. This movie draws attention because of episodes of Sin Se-kyeong, CN Blue, and 2AM members.

"Acoustic" is a youth movie about 20-year-olds who look to music for their hopes, dreams, and love. Sin Se-kyeong will play a vocalist who has a rare disease that requires her to eat only ramyun. Seulong partners with Baek Jin-hee to become an awkward but lonely boy and girl. Also, Lee Jong-hyeon and Kang Min-hyeok from CN Blue play a drummer and a guitarist who enter a new music world after meeting a bakery owner.

In the movie, the song 'L.O.V.E.' that Seulong sings is a song that 2AM members sang for the soundtrack. They wanted to support Seulong in his first movie. It is a bright and soft melody that captures the heart. It also written by a hit song writer. Seulong also appears in the music video as an awkward dancer. The music video is very popular and drawing a lot of attention to the movie.

This special project highlights the acting and musical talents of pop icons and highlights youth and music. It will find audiences in late October.
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