The Old Potter / The Old Man Making a Jar (region3)

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Product Information
Also Known As:The Old Potter
Director:Choi Ha-Won
Country of Origin:South Korea
Subtitles:English, Korean
Sound:Dolby Digital Mono
Release Date:Sep 28, 2010
Publisher:Korean Film Archive
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:2.56:1
Case:Keep Case

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Product Details
Region Code: 3, NTSC
Single Side Dual Layer
Audio: Korean

HD Remastering
About Old Man Making a Jar, The
Old man Song who lives a lonely life in a cellar-hovel burning the jars. One day, he happens to save a Young woman Ok-Su's life and marries her. They even give birth to a son named Dang-San. By that time, Seok-Hyeon, who has been searching for Ok-Su, comes to Song and works with him. Though Ok-Su tried to keep away from Seok-Hyeon at first, finally she runs away with him at night. Song commits suicide in despair and sadness. Years after in the shape of beggar Ok-Su comes back to the cellar-hovel in which Song is buried in order to regret her fault. In the cellar-hovel, she meets again her grown-up son Dang-San dramatically.