Korean Film Directors - Shin Sang-Ok
Shin Sang-Ok

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Release Date:Oct 01, 2008
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Author: Yi Hyo-in

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Is this writer's view, The most appropriate designation for Shin Sang-ok might be'The most artistically skilled master.' It is possible to say this first of all because Shin Sang-ok made the greatest works of the time in every genre, whdter historical drama, melodrama, period comedy, war film, didactic melodrama or leterary adaption. Second Shin used the most advanced technology available at the time in Korea, and let the Korean Film world as both a director and a technician. The third point is an external element to his films, but through his company Shin Films, he provided countless director with the opportunity to make films orotherwise accounted for a large portion of Korean film history through his leadership. To him, film seems to have been a 'goal in itself' that went beyond a mere expedient or means of making a living. Otherwise, he would not have been able to rise to the positionof emperor of Korean film by his early 30s and assume a place as a major figure in Korean cinema for close to twenty years. -From the 'On the Director'

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