My Beautiful Girl, Mari Soundtrack

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Director:Lee Seong-Gang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Animation, Fantasy
Release Date:Jan 09, 2002
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Original Score by Lee Byung-Woo

우리가 사는 곳 (유희열)
바닷가에서 - 회상 1
아이들의 잠수함
새들의 등대
낯선 세상 속으로 Part 1
첫 만남
낯선 세상 속으로 Part 2
바다의 비
낮선 세상 속으로 Part 3
하늘 높이
마리와 함께
믿을 수 없는 일 (폭풍우가 지나고)
안녕 마리
먼길 떠나는 준호
에필로그 - 남우의 겨울
마리 이야기 (성시경)
마리 - 예고편 Theme
About My Beautiful Girl, Mari
Raised by his single mother in a seaside village, a salary man is nostalgic for his bucolic childhood. His memory is haunted by an alternate world in an abandoned lighthouse and an encounter with a mysterious girl named Mari. Though clearly influenced by Japanese animation, the film has a distinctive sense of soft color and smoothly created character movements. The narrative moves evenly between fantasy and reality, giving a unique flavor to this film. Grand prize winner at the Annecy International Animation Festival.
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